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"Made You Die" Trayvon Martin Tribute -- featuring Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, and mikeflo.

Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie Feb. 26 when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, according to audio from the 911 calls the night of the shooting. From

"A Tale Of Two Hoodies - a controversial painting by artist/activist Michael D’Antuono. Inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, this painting symbolizes the travesty of racially profiling innocent children and how present day prejudices affect policy."

Trayvon Martin DESERVES justice for his senseless killing by George Zimmerman-- (who should be in prison).

Racial slur on Mich. road sign targets Trayvon Martin. -- Michigan authorities on Monday launched an investigation after a racial slur targeting Trayvon Martin was discovered on an electronic construction sign along a Detroit-area interstate. Michigan State Police told NBC News affiliate WDIV-TV that someone hacked the road sign along I-94 around 1 a.m. Monday and posted "TRAYVON A N*****". (Click on picture for full story)

  • Andre LeBlanc

    Seeing this picture was not the way I wanted to start the day...such a tragedy.

One of the key pieces of evidence in the Trayvon Martin shooting case in Sanford, Fla., is who is heard screaming and crying for help shortly BEFORE the 17-year-old is shot by George Zimmerman. The voice is heard on a recording of a 911 call, and witnesses also said they heard screaming. Zimmerman told police it's him. The Orlando Sentinel called in an expert. He says the voice is NOT George Zimmerman's.

ON NEWSSTANDS 3/30/12: The death of Trayvon Martin – and the police decision not to arrest George Zimmerman – has devastated Martin's parents, set off a nationwide debate, and prompted President Obama to speak out in unusually personal terms.

Geraldo, Your Apology Is Bullsh*t! by Russell Simmons

Trayvon Martin depicted in Baltimore street art series by artist 'Justin Nether'

No matter where you stand on the controversy, a life was lost. RIP Trayvon Martin

JVM: Trayvon Martin case is a wake-up call

Trayvon shooting changes movie's marketing

R.I.P Trayvon Martin

Painting of Trayvon Martin, via

TRIBUTES TO TRAYVON: Chaka Khan & Jasiri X Dedicate Songs To Trayvon (VIDEOS)

Trayvon Martin poster by Hunter Langston on Flickr.