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  • Miss Kalen

    His lips were fabulous in this movie.

  • Kimber Roten

    His lips ARE fabulous. A little too big for me though. What do you do with all that? Both of my lips are the size of his top lip.

  • Miss Kalen

    What do you do with all that? You let them envelop your own lips with their beautifulness. Yeah, if I had that much lips to kiss and I had tiny lips, I would feel inadequate.

  • Kimber Roten

    Ew, I imagine that to be slobbery. Yuck.

  • El

    Slobbery? Lol no way. I bet they are like little pillows ;) lol

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The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo, Japan. {I lived a short train ride from to Great Buddha; it's huge}

I'm working on it...

Spray painted trash can turned over as side table.

It's just the way I roll... - The Meta Picture

This dad and his friends are all awesome.

hahahhaaha, seriously!