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Hackers say they've stolen millions of Dropbox passwords, though the company says it wasn't hacked. Either way, now may be a good time to update your password. Learn how to now.

How to change your Dropbox password - CNET

Apple gifted iTunes users a copy of U2's new album. Not a fan of the band? Here's how you can hide it from your iPhone, iPad, and computer.

How to hide the U2 album on your devices - CNET

If you're an adventurous type who likes to book last-minute vacations, you can still get good deals on your trips. Click through to read CNET's tips.

Pack up those good eats the right way. Before you head out on a road trip with a cooler full of food, make sure you read these tips for keeping everything fresh.

Hackers attacked the iCloud accounts of some celebrities, so it's time to boost your own cloud-security awareness. Here are tips on keeping your account secure and explains why deleting a photo doesn't always truly delete it.

How to guard your iCloud from hackers - CNET

Changing Skype accounts soon? Grab a copy of your contact list information from your current account before you switch:

How to export your Skype contacts - CNET

This Chrome extension adds bookmarks to your right-click menu

Chrome extension adds bookmarks to right-click menu - CNET

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, sharing travel plans with family, friends, and co-workers is essential. Here are three ways to do it.

Smart ways to share your travel itinerary - CNET

Whether you're conducting an interview or just want to capture a bad customer-service call for posterity, here's how you can record phone calls.

How to record phone calls - CNET

Next time your heart stops after deleting all your photos, take a second to remember this.

From learning how to make your own ice packs to picking the right cooler, here are some low-tech tips on how to keep food fresh on long excursions.

How to keep your food fresh on long road trips - CNET

Whether you've deleted everything on your memory card or there's been a data corruption, here's a way to recover those photos.

Having battery life problems on your Windows 8.1 laptop? These tips will help you squeeze the most juice out of your battery.

Unless you want to go off the grid completely, it's relatively easy to keep in touch with friends and family when on the road. Here's how to keep people notified when you're on vacation:

How to keep in touch with people while traveling - CNET

It's not too late to plan that last-minute summer getaway. Here's how to find great deals on spontaneous trips:

How to find deals on last minute flights and hotels - CNET

Is your phone battery always at 4%? This guide could help you better understand what is draining your battery.

How to improve battery life on any mobile device - CNET

Free public Wi-Fi is incredibly convenient, but security can be an issue. Here's how to minimize the risk, whether you use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Staying safe on public Wi-Fi - CNET

Maps aren't just for navigation. Here's how you can keep track of your trip and share the journey with friends by making interactive maps.

Make interactive maps to track your trip - CNET

It's true, you can print from Chrome OS using Google's Cloud Print solution. How to print from a Chromebook

How to print from a Chromebook - CNET

Make your vacation worthwhile by learning how to travel like a tech pro.

Get the most out of your tech while traveling - CNET

When data comes in, battery life goes out.

  • Ayas Mishra

    Why not just switch off your device? Even faster, no?

  • CNET

    @Ayas That definitely works, too!

LG's Guest Mode keeps prying eyes from gaining access to the most personal apps on your G3. How to use Guest Mode on the LG G3

How to use Guest Mode on the LG G3 - CNET