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You Raise Me Up Violin Cover - Josh Groban - Daniel Jang

  • Briana Spry

    Ohh. Eeemmm. Geee. Thats pathetic!

  • Haley Licciardello as. Ne

  • Briana Spry

    Id like to know how Africa and the Middle East were supposed to have anything to do with a good answer to that question!

  • Haley Licciardello

    The sad part is I'm not even sure how I would answer the question.. Guess I won't be crowned anytime soon

  • Briana Spry

    :) haley, whatever answer you gave would be 100 times better! Lol

Men experience labor pains: Dutch television hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno have done some pretty wild things for their show "Guinea Pigs." (In 2011, they ate each other's flesh in front of a live audience.) But the duo's latest escapade had them yelling and clutching their abdomens in agony when they opted to experience simulated labor contractions. Turn on CC for English subtitles

I seriously cried!! THIS is the funniest six and a half minutes on the internet. Drew Carey laughed so hard he cried. Just watch it.

Flawless foundation tutorial! Great for beginners to highlighting and contouring. :)

This never gets old! Cracks me up every time!!

Chris Hemsworth Breaks Uncomfortable News in the voice of Thor, Hilarious.

This is the halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band on 10/6/12 against Nebraska. The theme was Video games and it included parts from Zelda, Halo, Pokemon, Tetris, and others.