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Sometimes crafting can be stressful even when I set out for it to be a relief from stress. Regardless of the outcome, I love spending time creating something unique with a flavor of me. Future gifts, wall hangings, and creativity flows freely here!

Fun way to save for something special. Put a picture of what you're saving for in a shadow box and cut a slit for money. What a great addition to the gift table at a bridal shower. Saving for a home, honeymoon, etc..

spray sparkle paint on branches and put in a vase = cheap and beautiful. great for the winter season. So pretty!

Use acrylic paint & the back end of a paint brush for the dots. Then put into a cold oven & preheat to 350 - let sit for 30 minutes. Turn off oven & let cool with the glasses still inside. Voila! Hand-painted works of art you can drink from. :) Would be pretty on wine glasses too

now this is cool: glue the buttons to a balloon and then pop the balloon once the glue dries to make a button bowl