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Some see a weed, some see a wish..think positive

Do you See a Weed or a Wish?

the joys of begining with elisa

Elisa C Poetry Site: next to me

... hoping that the other will bring up how much they miss the other but no one wants to be the weak one...

So true....

Be w/ someone who misses you while you're apart & tells you that often.Be w/ someone you miss just as much under the same circumstances.Be w/ someone that puts nothing & no one but God above you.Be w/ someone who sticks up for you & stands by your side. Do not settle for anything less than that someone who makes you fall in love w/ them again every single day. Do not be w/ someone who makes you feel as if you have to act a certain way & change who you are to be with them.

Amazing Quotes - 32 Pics

Forget material things...if you really want to give me anything, give me your time. time and words fuel me. Time and words make me feel like a priority.

Tyler Knott Gregson. Typewriter Series.

Love, tell them, #love #quote

If you love someone you tell them, even if you’re scared that...


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