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Drink Warm Lemon Water and Cayenne Pepper first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

Reseal a bottle of wine... Awesome stocking stuffer for this year! I can use this since I can never get the cork back in the bottle :)

Another pinner said "absolutely genius. Such an itty bitty space in her kitchen {only 6"!} and look at how much storage she gained! She made it herself to keep it custom for her space and to save some moolah! She painted the inside with a WOW of chevron! You totally wouldn't expect it, but it really takes the project to the next level. The cabinet is on casters which makes it easy to pull out, even with heavy jars and cans being stored inside. Fantastic DIY!"

Wobble Active Footrest: Ergonomic, stylish and fun. Perfect for cubicle workers and all of us who cannot sit still!

Key Finder! Seriously need this in my life. Great gift idea too.

Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe - Ocean Spray and Heinz

This article will show you how to get naturally curly hair that will give you natural waves without having to compromise the condition of your locks! The Beauty Thesis

Meant to tell you, T doesn't know the name of your mk account, only that you have one besides cg. Just wanted to clarify. Had a nice chat with her today. She really, truly is ok with the idea of us. It took a long time but she's at peace. It's been nice

Soy Bleu Cheese

Herb/Spice Mix Day - 3 Spice Mixes I Cannot Live Without... It's just handy to have these mixes laying about the house any time you might want them... There is a formula for a "Better" Version of Herbes de Provence... A CAJUN Spicy mix that packs a big Wallop (and unlike the store bought, low salt)... And I LOVE the Sesame Seed/Garlic Flake/Sea Salt blend that is my real FAVORITE! Plus tips on how to mix your own.

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will write back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

Good ideas! 8 things that are cheaper on Amazon.

Hidden Gems and Secret Fun at Disney World

The latest product news (Greek yogurt and more!) from Hungry Girl. Pin away!

Dust & Mud...Boots & Spurs...The Cowboy Way Of Life.

Magick of Midnight - Ritual Pillar Candle - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies

Out of AA? Use AAA with foil! Say what?! The things you learn on pinterest!!

Smells yummy!


yarn ball Christmas ornament. Adorable! (inspiration only but easy - glue the end of yarn on a round ornament, begin wrapping, glue a few times as you go, glue the end, tuck knitting needles made from cut skewers with round beads glued on the ends) - Great for the person in your life who likes to #knit - #Christmas #Ornament #Handmade #Crafts - pb≈

How to make a butterfly feeder in 6 easy steps. #DIY

It's cold out here! Can we come in?

~ Only when the last tree has died...

blue dawn dish liquid does some amazing Bubbles; removes hair product build up; MANICURE SECRET; Repel Houseplant insects; CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS;Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos. Ice pack; repel ants; UNCLOG TOILETS; Keep poision ivy from spreading; Shower floor cleaner and more....