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Retro hair!

Retro hairstyles are becoming a lost art.

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iReporter Marie Sager is thankful that her hair today does not require as much effort as it did in the 1960s and 1970s. "Things are easier nowadays, you get a haircut where you just wash and wear," she said. "It automatically gives me an extra hour in the day."

iReporter Denise Ramirez sent in this photo of herself from 1969, when she was a sophomore at Norwalk High School in Norwalk, California, she said. "Creating this do took a lot of work. The main thing was getting the Aquanet buildup."

The lost art of Mom's retro hairdo

iReporter Kathi Cordsen from Fullerton, California, sent in this photo of her own hair from the 1960s. "Big hair was pretty much the fad in the '60s where I grew up in California. The higher, the better," she said.

The lost art of Mom's retro hairdo

iReporter Janie Lambert from Hughesville, Maryland, says good hair runs in the family. Her aunt was a hair stylist for years and her great aunt worked a beauty shop. She shared this image of her grandmother, right, and great aunt from "the mid '20s or early '30s," she said. "They were inspired by movie stars and celebrities, especially the flapper era, silent movie."