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I'll stop you right there. You don't need to explain your reasons for not getting married. They're my reasons too.

10.ALIVE | PostSecret

I don't know how to find a new boyfriend because the guy I'd like is probably sitting at home alone, spending time on his computer, reading this card. Come find me.

I would leave my entire life behind to be with you. Please just ask me.

Postsecret: I faked my smiles for years because my aunt said I had an ugly smile. It took years before I realized how wrong she was... I have a beautiful smile! (Fuck you!)

Postsecret: I found your poem in a second-hand book (The Swimming Pool Library). I want you to know that I hate November too.

Postsecret: I started smoking because I miss the taste of your mouth.

Postsecret: I quit my "real" writing job because erotica pays better.

Postsecret: I find it calming to have my dad re-cap a Red Sox game over the phone to me during panic attacks. Works better than Ativan.

When I told you that you were an incredible human being ... I really just meant - I want to fuck you senseless.