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Wedding Desserts

No one will complain if you offer them sweets beyond the cake.

Miniature chocolate peanut butter cupcakes are placed on a wooden display rather than plastic trays.

Cupcakes in teacups are such a fabulous idea for an outdoor garden wedding.

Delicious coffee cake is topped with edible fondant violets for an afternoon tea.

The intricate detailing of this white wedding cake mimics the lace of the bride's wedding dress.

Colin's delicious Madeleines recipe is fantastic for a spring outdoor wedding.

A beautiful meringue topped with fresh, vibrant berries and mint is a fantastic dessert option for a garden celebration.

Colin dishes out his favorite Valentine's Day ideas with Ann Curry on the Today Show, from aphrodisiacs and cocktails to sweet desserts and strip poker from Agent Provocateur.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are a fantastic idea for a romantic Valentine's Day treat.

This creative presentation showcases various treats and cake stands on top of a rosette tablecloth.

Eat your heart out! What could be better than a heart shaped mini cake topped with fresh red raspberries?

Desserts in waffle cones are topped with fresh fruits and edible silver pearls.

How fantastic is this dessert served on black plates with InStyle inscribed in white sugar?

Bite sized desserts ring in the new year with beautifully written silver icing.

Fruit kabobs of berries and melons are served on a clear blue rimmed dish.

Garnished strawberries make colorful appetizers for spring and summer weddings.