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In Spire At Ion

My inspiration for making and designing.

Hand stitched Vogue Covers - today and tomorrow

Trousseau 2011 by Sally Hewett

Future Heirlooms – Sally Hewett

Derick Melander - Compression (Detail) - Sculpture

Derick Melander - Compression (Detail) - Sculpture

ダブル織りのマット その2の画像:スウェーデン織のアトリエから

ダブル織りのマット その2の画像:スウェーデン織のアトリエから

naturally hand dyed merino wool, mulberry silk, soy fibre and kid mohair

Fiber Art fiber-arts... I would like to touch this... is that wrong @ Kate Morgan..??

Sewing and Knitting Patterns Ideas: Designer Knitting

fiber art - think about using chicken wire and yarn By Karen Margolis, Modulus, 2009, cotton covered wire-annealed wire-acrylic

Medieval parchment —animal skin — that was stabbed, cut and stitched up. If the parchment maker pushed too hard while removing the unwanted parts like hair or fleshy bits, he would cut right through the surface. While some cuts were simply stitched up with a thin parchment cord, it also happened that book producers turned these defects into art.

yumi okita

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// yumi okita

Aggeliki Aseme

Therese Lebrun

Contemporary Basketry: White on White

Tristin Lowe's life size sperm whale felt sculpture.

Yumiko Arimoto embroidery for Sina

Amina Agueznay

Shibarikon by Astrid Tirlea.