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Cast-iron Skillet Desserts - 21 of them and they all look delicious!

Tons of Links about Cooking in Cast Iron

The Deen Bros The Deen Bros. Lighter Chicken and Dumplings

NEVER EVER wash your cast irons with soap...scrub your cast iron with coarse salt and a soft sponge. The salt is a natural abrasive and will absorb oil and lift away bits of food while preserving the pan's seasoning. Rinse away salt and wipe dry. FINALLY!!!!

Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking + 100's of recipes ~ wonderful site with so much camping information

I don't use an oven cleaner, but I would to save my cast iron skillets :o)

Abelskivers, a Danish tradition passed down to me from my grandmother (1/2 Danish). They're traditionally made around Christmastime for breakfast, with 3 raisins placed inside while cooking (one for each of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). The pans have been changed to be more commercial now, but all the grandkids have an authentic cast iron pan so that we may pass this on to our families. It is truly my favorite Christmas tradition. Thank you, Grandma.