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Same idea but words for the chain and sun at the end Ankle Tattoo Designs Pictures Ideas piercing, more for visit:

Beautifully done! White Ink Tattoo of an Infinity Cross Actually thinking about getting a small white tattoo Pretty is an understatement. | tattoos picture white ink tattoos

let go let God tattoo I got today

sometimes we just have to let things go (Ashley Horncastle, Liquid Amber Tattoo, Gastownh

Just let it go ballon tattoo! Love my newest tat!!

Let it Be tattoo ... There will be an answer, let it be... The Beatles In my own handwriting as a reminder to let it go, there will be an answer, if I just let it be...

Done by Jeret at Touch of Color II in Saint Joseph, Michigan! This is my first tattoo and it just serves as a reminder to stop worrying about the little things that won’t matter in 10 years. I love it and started planning my next one the same day I got this one!