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Swimming Interval Workout. Going to give it a try. A bit more interesting than just laps, & maybe more effective too!

Cardio Workout: Swimming

Fitness Habits You Should Establish in Your Twenties | Women's Health Magazine #8 - Do you want the #1 rated Recovery Protein drink in the world?? check out Herbalife's Rebuild Strength!

15 Fitness Habits You Need to Establish In Your 20s

Feel an instant release (and get relief!)

Relieve Hard-to-Reach Upper-Back Tension With Yoga

How To Make Homemade Vitamin Water for Stress Relief - Yum. Watermelon, Strawberries, and Rosemary soothe the mind and the palate. TRY THIS OUT! It's too easy not to :)

How To Make Homemade Vitamin Water for Stress Relief - KaTom Blog

Knee Pain? Start Doing These Exercises ASAP: As many a runner (including me!) can confirm, your iliotibial (IT) band, a thick band of tissue that runs from your hips to your knee and shin on the outer side of each leg, should not be ignored.

Knee Pain? Start Doing These Exercises ASAP

Roll out tension in the shoulder and upper back before you are debilitated! Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls.

Healthy drink recipe to lose 3-5 pounds per WEEK. Here is the recipe for one of the most effective detox lemonade: - mix some shredded ginger, - lemon juice, - honey, - water. Add everything as much as needed to taste good. Drink 5-6 glasses of this drink every day, you have all the chances to get 3-5 pounds lighter in a week. Just by doing this!

Resistance band exercises to help tone your entire body

Overnight oatmeal. Made with greek yogurt, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1 tsp chia seeds. Add fruits, almonds and honey to your liking.

Cool off with these healthy fruit and veggie smoothies

The 5 Best Leg Exercises