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Pump drill survival fire making method.

Notes from Alderleaf Wilderness College

Prepper Mistakes | 6 Things You're Not Doing That Will Bite You In The Ass

Build A Guaranteed Fire Kit

Build A Guaranteed Fire Kit |

Make Black Powder Step 5.jpg - 15 steps with directions and graphics.

How to Make Black Powder

3 Layers of Food Storage: Layer 2, ingredients

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago | Preparedness Pro

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago

How to make cordage, string, fishing line, from plastic and grocery bags, BUSHCRAFT GLOBAL - YouTube

HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN EMP: An ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) has the power to disrupt, damage or destroy life as we know it through starvation, disease and societal collapse. Life will never be the same after an EMP, which is why you need to take immediate action towards a survival plan. www.happypreppers...

ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP)

World renowned Geoff Lawton talks about the coming collapse and how to survive it by designing a highly…

Why get on shore? No need :-D Western Canoeing and Kayaking: Hobie Adventure Island Tent Mod

FLOOR LASHING: Use ---- to lash a series of poles to a set of stringers to form a flat surface such as a deck, a table top, or a road way.


PVC Survival Cache: can contain food (obviously freeze dried or something that will last a long time) first aid / medical supplies, rope, tools maps / compass, anything useful. Anything buried in this capsule will last quite a long time if it is constructed properly.  The most important step with a project like this is getting a good solid seal when gluing the pvc pipe and end caps, to avoid moisture getting in. Might pay to build, fill, and hide a few near the house, job, etc

corrugated survival shelter underground 0013 Underground Homes: Atlas Survival Shelters

huge infographic on prepping for emergencies

BEST BREAD RECIPE EVER. 100% Soaked Whole Grain Bread. No white flour at all, an incredible flavor, and fermenting the grains makes it easy to digest. Highly recommended...

70 Things That Can and Will Go Wrong In A Disaster – What To Expect ? This article was written by a police officer to train other police officers. This is the NUMBER 1# most realistic non sugar coated article about a disaster/emergency and what to expect. PLEASE read it and store this knowledge in the back of your mind for your family's sake.

6 Ways to Hide Valuables in Plain Sight - Perhaps the *Best* Way to Hide Stuff...

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EQUIP2SURVIVE (equip2survive)