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Use 3 to 5 tea lights under a slow cooker pot / crockpot to heat your room. I have tried flowerpot, plantpot heaters and this is way better. Throws out a lot more heat, doesn't smell like some clay ones tend to do, plus you don't have to mess about with multiple pots or nuts and bolts. I used a small crock 1.5ltr which gave out loads of heat. Give it a try. You will be surprised how well it works. Ideal if you have power cuts / power outages.

Have you ever wondered if you could live a comfortable and modern life without paying an electricity bill? Dani from Eco Footprint ~ South Africa shares how she and her family do it using power from solar ovens, solar panels, and hand-powered tools. Amazing stuff!

For camping or survival kit always carry a pencil sharpener in your bag or survival kit. It can be used to sharpen sticks for use in arrows or gigs and the shavings make an excelent tinder for fire starting

Off The Grid News | Better Ideas For Off The Grid Living

30 Pandemic Essentials by Food Storage Moms

30 Pandemic Essentials - Food Storage Moms

Bleach to Water ratio for water purification. Put your 72 hour kit (Grab & Go) together now!

Emergency Prep: Food and Water -

Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store -- Seasoned Citizen PrepperSeasoned Citizen Prepper --by Rourke

Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store

Warren says: "Screw the Grid!" 1800 watts with a 120-watt folding solar panel and 70 AMP HOUR Battery! (That means you can run a LOT of stuff to stay comfy) So Light Portable You Can Throw It In Your Car To Evacuate

Sunshinesimple | Solar Panels

Kefir Cheese Made From Raw Milk

FARM SHOW - Kefir Cheese Made From Raw Milk

Simple outhouse pit - Something we should all know how to make.

Book Review [FRUGAL 1]

11 ways to cook off-grid without power. Learn which is best for you before the winter storms hit so you won't be caught without a way to cook for your family. If you don't know how to cook without power you need to read this immediately.

11 Ways to Cook Off-Grid Without Power

Stockpiling at Wholesale Clubs - tips and tricks to save money!

Wholesale Clubs or Stockpiling

First aid uses for charcoal and how to make your own. (if you have a wood stove start saving it now)

First Aid Uses for Charcoal