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T-shirt tunic: Start with ironed T-shirt (mens M. or L.). Lay it flat & mark & cut the sleeves & neck from the shirt. At what will be the neck of tunic, fold & press with an iron a 1" hem toward the inside of shirt, on both front & back. Use embroidery thread & needle to sew two hems into 1"-wide channels. With safety pin to 48"long, 3/4"wide fabric ribbon. Feed ribbon, pin first, through both channels to form a loop. Pull ribbon to cinch up the neck of the tunic, then tie ribbon ends in a bow.

The ULTIMATE List of Meal Ideas for Toddlers (some of the things on this list are GP friendly, this me an idea of what to do for small portion as a snack)

special meals for toddlers nutrition and easy to cook.

Kid's hand-prints made with flour dough. Ingredients: 4 cups flour, 2 cup salt, 1.5 cup water. Directions: Knead all ingredients for 20 minutes, roll out and cut to desired shape, press hand print, bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

AWESOME BUSY BAG IDEAS. The biggest collection of busy bag ideas I have seen!

A Busy Bag Round-Up...

Some ideas of things to work on in pre-school. "Parents can learn how to educate their pre-K children through “montessori at home” youtube videos, and library books, and Kumon work books for ages 2-5, and getting play dough or clay for them and beads for stringing, and markers and paper, and reading and counting with them, and doing puzzles and talking about shapes and sizes and locations"

120+ Activities for ages 1-3 - A must repin for moms of toddlers! :)

No Sew Baby Shoes! DIY Tutorial~Watch Out for the Woestmans

Toddler meal planning blog - some crazy recipes, here, but overall great inspiration for healthier, more creative toddler meals.

Memorial Jewelry. Your loved one's hand writing imprinted on a piece of jewelry. Beautiful.

4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric Seen this before but this one has instructions!!!