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The Talk vs. The Truth about GMO Foods

  • Brittany Stafford

    Please read the fine print, everyone: "Brought to you by America's soybean and corn farmers and their checkoffs." This organization is not a group of well-meaning farming moms. This organization is just a front for giant corporations to market a vision of pretty family farms run by hard-working families who just want to help feed America. In reality, the farms behind this campaign are giant corporate farms that grow mainly GMO soy and corn. And their crops are not feeding hungry children in American...GMO soy and corn almost always goes into processed junk food or into the feed of animals that were never meant to eat soy or corn.

Beef 101: A Guide to What 25% of Americans Eat Everyday (Infographic)

Farmers feed 155 people today! That's AMAZING!

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Don’t Sweat – Eat Safe This Summer: CommonGround farm moms share food facts with mothers for summertime snacking

Nebraska CommonGround volunteer Shana Beattie talks Pork on NTV's Good Morning Nebraska. Learn more about CommonGround at: FindOurCommonGrou....

Great example of food & farm connection at this blog.

CommonGround wants to make sure you are equipped with the facts you need to make wise food decisions. That’s why we decided to send out our monthly “Fearless Food” update. The update will feature the latest food news and questions as well as yummy recipes from our volunteers. If you are not signed up yet, enter your email address on the “Stay Informed” section on www.findourcommon...

Farm women who are volunteers in the CommonGround program say today’s announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals will not affect their farms. In documents published today in the Federal Register, the FDA recommends phasing out the use of growth promoting antibiotics and antibiotics that increase feed efficiency in food animals. #antibiotics #FDA

Warming a calf inside the house to keep him alive is often part of the job. (Loved having one inside when I was growing up!)

Do animals raised for meat live in inhumane conditions? Healthy, content animals are simply good business for farmers and the well-being of their animals is a very high priority. Farmers and ranchers are constantly exploring new ways to raise their animals in the best way. Many participate in stewardship and certification programs that ensure the good care of their animals, according to the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

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Is human health impacted by eating meat from animals given antibiotics? “The judicious use of all drugs in animals, particularly food-producing animals, is very important. The use of medicated feeds in food-producing animals is evaluated and regulated to prevent harmful effects on both animal and human health,” said Steven D. Vaughn, D.V.M., director of the Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation in FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.