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Top Tips & Tricks for iPads and Tablets

This is how I introduce app to my Kindergarten class and how I manage the apps so they use the correct ones.

Introducing Apps to the Class

See how this teachers organizes her charging station for the iPads in her classroom!

inspire. love. learn.: iPad Mgmt

The Smart Way to Use iPads in the Classroom: ". My lesson from ZIS is that we should make sure we have teachers who understand how to help children learn from the technology before throwing a lot of money into iPad purchasing. It wasn’t the 600 iPads that were so impressive— it was the mindset of a teaching staff devoted to giving students time for creation and reflection."

The Smart Way to Use iPads in the Classroom

Help younger kids care for their tablets responsibly with these basic rules. Build early literacy by reading each rule and acting out the accompanying illustration.

Use this infographic to remind yourself and your students of the many possibilities and potential of tablets and apps.

iPad as the Teacher's Pet

Encourage older kids to treat tablets with care with these tips.

1-to-1 Essentials - Phase 3 | Common Sense Media

Let kids personalize their tablet cases with decorative duct tape or paint pens to promote ownership.

Film emergent readers to promote fluency practice and to celebrate accomplishments.

Jamestown Elementary School iPad Integration Project

Set-up email blasts for all school personnel and a designated return spot in case a device goes missing.

How to Send an Email Blast | eHow

Use Find my iPad or a similar app to locate missing devices.

Apple - iCloud - Find My iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

On students’ desks, use inexpensive textbook holders to keep tablets propped up on desks and inexpensive book boxes to keep tablets in a set place.

My quotAlternativequot iPad Stand - Book Holder as iPad holder

Teach students how to take a screenshot to capture images for projects, as well as for possible inappropriate content/communication.

Use popular digital storytelling and screencasting apps to bring your student work feedback to life beyond mere text.

Think Like a Teacher » TeachersFirst