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What do you think about bringing items traditionally reserved for cultural and religious ceremonies into the home to use as decor? Faux pas or all good? Click through to join the conversation.

  • Marianne Martin

    I should add, as an artist myself, that a copyrighted/protected design stolen for profit is a crime. Don't get me wrong, I adore and respect different cultures. White models wearing warbonnets is totally bad taste and the most powerful thing to do is boycott the product, but if something is spiritual, its true power is non-physical - the rest is religion, the institution and in my opinion, no more deserving of any unconditional respect than any belief at all.


    So those objects that have deep roots millenarian even, culturally sacred but by hazard don't have a copyrighted protected notice on them can be freely and massively and distributed for the sake of commerce?! Wondering...


    One less and in the end there :/


    Although agree on many remarks. They didn't share just for the looks of them. The values of things are intrinsic to each culture. The interest we have in them are totally different. More close to artistic aspect of it. I think this conversation could outcome in a thesis :) leaving conversation. Best all

  • Marianne Martin

    If an object can be massively distributed at all, I suspect there is nothing sacred about it. If you refer to symbolism or inspiration for these mass-produced copies, I just think getting inspired from things to make new versions of them is a human thing to do.Now everything is offensive and racist. You don't even have to dislike any group to be a racist now, you just have to own a cushion with a chevron print on it or use an expression that does not originate from your ethnic group. It's a bit extreme.

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