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Compassion Magazine

We publish Compassion Magazine three times a year. And beginning in June 2013 will have an interactive iPad version available. Pins on this board are stories from the current and past issues. Enjoy!

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Check out our News and Views to see how women's education influences the health of children worldwide.

Compassion's president interviews Scott Todd, author of the new book "Hope Rising."

Rukia, who's living with HIV in Kenya, makes these colorful beads out of paper strips and turns them into beautiful jewelry to sell. She got help through a program at her local church to start the jewelry business. Now she can afford to feed the kids in her family and send them to school.

New opportunities and improvements in Africa are changing the continent for the better!

Sweet story of an Oregon woman who reconnected with her formerly sponsored child, who was facing the biggest health challenge of her life.

Here's an infographic about recent research on charitable giving.

Follow a day in the life of Odupoi, a 13-year-old Kenyan in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, who's facing a choice: follow tribal traditions or take a more modern path?

Preventing child deaths requires more than just a focus on children — it requires care for mothers, too. Compassion’s Child Survival Program combats child deaths by offering prenatal care, education and encouragement, nutritious food, spiritual nurturing and ongoing health care for mothers and their babies.

Cast away no longer: an isolated island in Ecuador offers a unique look at the challenges Compassion faces to meet children's greatest needs when first arriving in a community. #ecuador

This little guy, a sponsored 7-year-old named Christian, lost his home in Typhoon Haiyan. He's had a hard life ... his mom died last year after being attacked by a dog. Compassion is helping him and other children like him. Read his story and consider donating to help Filipinos!

To see Compassion's response to Typhoon Haiyan, update your Fall Compassion Magazine in Newsstand and see recent photos and maps of project locations. If you don't have an iPad you can visit for more information.

How can we help children hope?

76-year-old Margaret Lutley hopes to have met all 27 of her sponsored children by the time she's 77!

  • ElLois

    This is really cool !! True living and loving !!

A timeline showing major milestones in the tenure of Compassion's former President, Wess Stafford.

This amazing woman, a former sponsored child, fought government corruption in Uganda even after her colleagues were poisoned.

This Fact Check infographic shows how much time is invested in children's lives as a result of sponsors' support.

Beautiful pictures from the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, where sponsored child Jeyson has grown up. The photos follow Jeyson's sometimes-difficult journey from age 4 to age 15.

Yeah! Compassion Magazine is now available on iPad for free!

Step into the world of a Compassion child through a deeper, more immersive experience with Compassion Magazine on your iPad.

Making Sponsorship a Family Affair - Getting your children involved in letter writing!

Carter's Idea - a video detailing his journey and his belief that all disabled children deserve to be cared for and loved.

  • ElLois

    Amen, yes indeedy. !! I can remember in my childhood, even through high school, one never saw disabled kids in school. They were "put away." Am so thankful that now disabled kids are "participating" in school and their needs are (slowly in some places) being addressed.

Rescued from Wealth - It started with one word: "Yes." To one request to take one trip. But Kristin Welch will never be the same.