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Second Friday Letter Writing Club

October 2014 Focus: International Day of the Girl Child - we want to share posts this month to encourage the little girls and young ladies that we sponsor, to give them hope to combat the lies of poverty | This is a community board to share pins and ideas related to the letter writing theme for each month. To be added to this board, be sure to follow us, then send an e-mail to :

Snail Mail gift - MT-flags tiny banner with "smile and have a beautiful day"

When you write to your girls this month, remind them that God is with them wherever they go. - Joshua 1:9

I am the daughter of a King that is not moved by the world. For my God Is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His. - share this truth with your sponsored girls this month.

October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child. The power of helping girls dream big dreams can influence the destiny of entire nations.

Many girls living in poverty believe the lie that they are not worth anything. Let's remind them that they are important, that they are unique, that they are a masterpiece!

Coloring pages are simple to print out and mail to your sponsored child. Include a few extra copies of this Christmas coloring page so they can retell the Christmas story to their friends and family.

free template to make a paper nativity scene - this would make a wonderful Christmas card for your sponsored child

Make one of these Pop Up Nativity Craft Cards for your sponsored children

5 pointed origami stars tutorial.

Christmas craft: Easy and fun! One done by you... and the other for your child to do!

It's not to soon to send Christmas cards to your sponsored child!!! :) Be sure to add fun things for your child to enjoy, but overall remember sharing Gods love!!! :)

How about sharing baby Jesus story through this cute card?? :)

How about a tree pop-out card??? :) Easy to make, and surely fun For your sponsored child to receive! ;)

DIY origami Christmas decoration!

Here is a fun and creative way to make Christmas cards for your sponsored child and his/her family this year. Paper, white crayon, and watercolors to make these beautiful and colorful cards.

Do you use an advent wreath during Christmas? If so, send your sponsored child this coloring page and explain the tradition of the advent wreath in your Christmas letter.

Send your sponsored child this PDF Printable and instructions for this *Starry Angel* which is sure to be a special Christmas decoration