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Stories From Our Blog Trips

Twice a year we take a group of bloggers to a country we work in so they can experience our ministry firsthand. You can follow along, in words, photos and video at, as well as enjoy the highlights of each trip here.

"We are all human with the need for love, worth, acceptance, and security. But we are different because while some of us are full, others are hungry. While some of us are safe, others are unsafe. While some of us have choices, others have no choice." ~@Emily

What We Need When We Are Uncertain | @Emily "Today Wess told us that Compassion commits that every child will be three things: known, loved, and protected. Sounds a lot like having a sister."

chatting at the sky - a place for your soul to breathe

The Dirty, Messy Part of a Writer’s Life "The lives we live become the stories we tell." ~Jeff Goins

The Dirty, Messy Part of a Writer's Life | Goins, Writer

Grace and the Lord’s Resistance Army: Meet Grace. She’s purely one big, bright smile. But when we hear her story, we learn her smile is a gift. One she was not always able to create.

Grace and the Lord’s Resistance Army

"Without a life worth writing about, words start to become meaningless."

Why I’m Going Halfway Around the World to Blog | Goins, Writer