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Stories From Our Blog Trips

Twice a year we take a group of bloggers to a country we work in so they can experience our ministry firsthand. You can follow along, in words, photos and video at, as well as enjoy the highlights of each trip here.

"We are all human with the need for love, worth, acceptance, and security. But we are different because while some of us are full, others are hungry. While some of us are safe, others are unsafe. While some of us have choices, others have no choice." ~@Emily

You won't believe what this little boy really is.

Choosing the One You Least Expect - chatting at the sky

What We Need When We re Uncertain by Emily Freeman: "When you are uncertain, it helps to have someone remind you what is true – someone who knows you well, who sees you, and keeps track of you – not just your body but your soul."

10 Things I Learned in January: Uganda Edition by Emily Freeman

Why Today Was Spectacular in an Ordinary Way | @Nester Smith "...for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these..."

What We Need When We Are Uncertain | @Emily "Today Wess told us that Compassion commits that every child will be three things: known, loved, and protected. Sounds a lot like having a sister."

chatting at the sky - a place for your soul to breathe

The Worst Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making | @Jeff Goins "...affirming words from mentors and teachers and even strangers, make us into the people we become."

The Worst Mistake You Don't Know You're Making | Goins, Writer

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three | @Nester Smith Today, in the most feared slum in Uganda, a celebration!

Dear Fellow Sponsors All Over The World

The Dirty, Messy Part of a Writer’s Life "The lives we live become the stories we tell." ~Jeff Goins

The Dirty, Messy Part of a Writer's Life | Goins, Writer

10 Things I Learned in January: Uganda Edition | @Emily "....4. Mike Varel is a fantastic, soulful, talented photographer. But even he can’t prevent the photobombs."

This Is Not A Success Story | Shaun Groves This won’t be an easy post to read. It’s even harder to write. ~@Shaun Groves

This Is Not A Success Story - Shaun Groves

"It was a simple day, a happy day. It was a day spent with this family of seven and about twenty other children from the village who came to basically look at us because obviously. None of these children are part of the child sponsorship program..." @Emily #CompassionBloggers

A Day in the Life. Ish. - chatting at the sky

"Perhaps love touches our souls more deeply than pain." @Emily #CompassionBloggers

A Day in the Life. Ish. - chatting at the sky

"If I had just heard Grace and Momma Grace’s story without ever meeting them I would imagine them living in fear cowering in a corner somewhere vowing to lock themselves up safely away for the rest of their ever." ~@Nester Smith #CompassionBloggers

"How much grace do you need to boil water? Well…. a lot. It’s a journey that starts with an empty castor oil jug, a long walk, a mud stove, and ends in a cup of tea and cookies. It’s more than a hike for hot water and cookies, it’s about a beautiful and loving life." ~JoyTheBaker #CompassionBloggers

What It Means to Boil Water

Grace and the Lord’s Resistance Army: Meet Grace. She’s purely one big, bright smile. But when we hear her story, we learn her smile is a gift. One she was not always able to create.

This week, their (the Compassion Bloggers) lives are being changed and you have been invited to be changed too.

"Without a life worth writing about, words start to become meaningless."

Why I’m Going Halfway Around the World to Blog | Goins, Writer