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Wild Native Edible Florida Plants & Weeds

This board has information on foraging for wild, native plants and weeds that can be found in Florida and the South. These can also be planted and cultivated in the garden or yard for presumably easy care food plants - why fight nature when we can work with it?

Merriwether's Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest: Sweetgum (seeds in pod are edible, crushed leaves are antibiotic, more...)

Wild Mustard a.k.a. horta or vrouves - easy Greek Recipe

Stalking Wild Mustard - AKA Rapini - Found Fruit. (May have this out back?)

EatTheWeeds: Episode 56: Crowfoot Grass. Harvest this wild grain in the fall and grind for flour!

Foraging / making Sea Salt from ocean water - directions for stove, or comments say you can dry in the sun.

DIY: Easy Way of Collecting Pine Pollen: Even After a Rain Storm FB Page: Pine Pollen is a great healthy, raw, organic harvested, complete protein, a lot of minerals, amino acids, helps boost testosterone, helps regulate hormones and best of all EASY to harvest! Add it to shakes, make tinctures or encapsulate to name a few ways on what to do with this powerful wild medicine!

Betony - edible tubers. betony2.jpg by merriwether, via Flickr

  • Ashley Aus

    Excellent! I wondered if this plant was edible but couldn't figure out the name of it.

  • Christina Mendoza

    I haven't seen it yet. Lucky you! Can you tell me the type of environment to look for -- wetter or drier, forest or field?

Bay Laurel Nuts - edible, toast in hot pan in the fall. baylaurelseeds.jpg by merriwether, via Flickr

Good website for Florida weed IDs - no info on whether they're edible, needs research.

Florida Amaranth! "While the grain is very nutritional and versatile I use amaranth mostly for a summer green because it is among the few plants that can take Florida’s high heat and humidity. It has no significant pests per se. Its leave are nutritionally on par with spinach, which is a relative."

Florida foraging: Shepherd's Needle, plus a bunch more easily found plants. www.floridasurviv...

How NOT to forage pine nuts (and click through to the second article for how to really do it!)

Perennial Staple/Calorie Crops to Forage. Love this guy's site, Eat the Weeds.

Great site for identifying wild edible plants in Texas - many are found in Florida as well.

Amaranth varieties, including this Pigweed.

  • Deborah Aldridge

    Roundup won't even kill it, and the worst thing is, it's more nutritious than the crops they're trying to kill it to grow.

  • Christina Mendoza

    It sounds like the purslane in our garden beds -- we love it! ;)

Freshwater Algae (stringy type only!) - chop fine, or dry and crumble, and add to soup or stew. (Boil to kill any pathogens!)

BottleBrushTree - flowers and leaves can be used for tea; leaves can be used to flavor sauces.

Eat The Weeds: Episode 130: Horseweed. Can eat young leaves cooked. Raw have medicinal properties, root used for menstrual issues.

Eat The Weeds: Episode 100: Sandspurs

Merriwether's Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest Very informative site. Pinner said, "I can (and do) grown a lot of these plants in NE Florida."