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Rubbermaid Shoe Cube - storing purses - umm yes please!

Neat Mom, Messie Kids - Sandra Felton about how to get all family members on the same page. Good for Messie Moms too.

There's also a DVD of this that takes you (and your family) room by room.

a recommendation from fellow professional organizers that sweetly reminds the reader that the most important thing to have in one's home is friends

Overcoming Chronic Procrastination by Dr. Susan Orenstein+ Geralin Thomas #procrastination

Porter Knight's Organized to Last - 5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized (this is a good book for people who want to learn organizing methodologies) Knights style is straightforward and practical.

By my former employee and current Clutter Diet team member, the stellar Helene Segura! Know a teacher? They NEED this book. She is an award-winning educator as well as an organizing consultant.

unclutter Your Life in One Week, @Erin Doland shows us how she got her act together in a week (or a metaphorical week) - great book for the highly motivated with basic skills of sorting and organizing. She walks you room by room through getting it done. #organizing

LOVED this book. I could somewhat relate to her. Organizing doesn't come naturally for many, it's a choice, and makes life better.

NAPO Georgia founding member Judith Kolberg has a new teleclass series - Organizing in the Era of Endless - very time management oriented. Learn from home or work by phone. Starts in June.

I love this so much. It almost makes me want to have all those stuffed animals back that we used to have.