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Poultry in Motion

43 Pins

Pelicans in flight....lovely

brown bantams | Mille Fleur/ Calico Cochins

Chickens and Roses

splash maran

Home Farm Ideas

Chicken--love the 'hair'

baby animals | silky chicken

Dierenwerk | PIP Den Haag

Thuringian Rooster

Delaware Rooster

Mama and her chicks!

The City Chicken

Poof is a Chinese Silkie chicken. You can easily see why I called her "Poof." I wanted some backyard chickens for eggs, so I also got a New Hampshire Red named Molly. The joke is that Molly pays rent and Poof is just cute, because Silkies are not great layers. But Poof is a great little companion. She has a little harness and goes on errands with me, and loves to meet people. She is just as soft as she looks, and loves to cuddle. I think Silkies would be a great pet for bird lovers who want ...

Pet of the Day - Every day a new pet photo and story since 1997

great chicken

swan reflection


Chicken chatter

chicken in a knitted hat. funny every time.

chickens ~daffodils


Golden Campine Rooster

Belgian Bantam Rooster

Lemon Blue Cochin Rooster

antillean crested hummingbird

Pelican closed wings to keep warm.