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What I made for my Husband's Valentine ♥

I know I have already pinned this...need to print and frame...

The Be Our Guest dining experience in Walt Disney World is one of the most magical things you can do. It is so romantic. Perfect spot! :-O!!!!!!

Our paradise falls... From the movie Disney movie "up". Was an anniversary present for my husband since we didn't get to go on an actual honeymoon, we will just save and go somewhere later :)

How to put together a wedding planning notebook. Ridiculously organized.

After Many trips to Disney, I wish I had read this blog a long time ago! She gives you 100 tips of things to see/do! I amazed at the things I never knew!

a list of things to say to Disney characters that will illicit reactions from them. too cute

81 Fun Questions to ask your significant other! These are really fun for in the car when you run out of things to talk about. They spark some really good conversations.

The pros and cons of every Disney World resort + who should stay at each and tips on which rooms to request

Good Honeymoon Keepsake Ideas (to read BEFORE you leave for the honeymoon!)

"Newlywed Game"

the BEST biblical questions for a marriage I have ever read. they cannot be answered without your spouse disclosing what he is thinking & what he wants.

Questions You Should Ask Before Marriage. These Are Great Things to Know.

On (enter date of wedding), (Groom’s Name) and (Bride’s name) will PLEDGE themselves to each other and(Bride’s name) will GAIN a new last name. It’s no SECRET that their life will be full of JOY. We know you think your HONEY is FANTASTIC but your CHARMIN fella might not always be MR. CLEAN. You might have to put in some EXTRA effort and give your counters a SOFT SCRUB. Remember to always SNUGGLE up close at night. At DAWN take on the new day and live your lives in total BLISS.