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For the modern classic woman GO2BRAS offers the essence of innovation and quality essentials that provide everyday wearable solutions that are designed for her specific needs. We Care, We Listen... this is our mantra. ~Connie Elder, Founder and QVC Spokesperson

Expert bra shopping advice

Lacy Not Racy Cami Bra from GO2BRAS! On #QVC - AM Style #A233374

'Lacy Not Racy' Cami Bra from GO2BRAS! "Get the layered look without the bulk or warmth of a an extra layer this spring and summer!" 34-42 B-DDD cup sizes

"Half Tanked" cami bra from GO2BRAS is a wardrobe game changer! There is no need to be totally tanked, when it comes to layering! #A233375

GO2BRAS just launched a 'wirefree' bra for every woman! @QVC item #A235769

GO2BRAS will launch the Half Tanked Cami Bra tomorrow on @QVC ! QVC Style #A233375 Why be totally tanked, when half tanked works better, cooler with less bulk? Layered look with the extra layer!

Shop Dafney at

Shop Kayla at Cup sizes C-H

Smooth Shape from GO2BRAS! #A233492 Convertible, too!

'Secret Smoother' from GO2BRAS on QVC! Style number A233376 Wearable Solutions for the modern, classic woman!

New Launch of the 'Secret Smoother' from GO2BRAS on QVC! Item# A233376

Geometric Lace Cami bras by GO2BRAS on @QVC Item number #A233374 LOVE the gray for transitioning in to fall! Goes with blues, reds, orange, purples, pinks and so much more!

GO2BRAS on #QVC! AM Style with Leah Williams!

NEW--Lacy NOT Racy, cami bra from GO2BRAS. Style number A233374 34B-42DDD Colors: BL/White/Grey

Lacy NOT Racy - Cami bra from GO2BRAS A233374 QVC style number Black - White - Grey

Lacy NOT Racy GO2BRAS A233374 QVC Style number

NEW style - 'Julie' Go2 BRA C-DDD; 32-40 Fabulous color, great fit, superior support!