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5 simple tips to become a thrifting pro- even your grandma would be proud- Easy things that can make a big difference!

Five Tips for Thrifting

A typical mascara dries out before half of it is used. When your favorite mascara starts getting dry, add 4-5 drops of saline solution or eyedrops to the bottle. Insert your wand and stir and…TA-DA! Fresh mascara! This can be repeated 2 or 3 times until all you mascara is gone.

46 Penny-Pinching Ways To Save A Lot Of Money This Year

Before you think about purchasing your next vehicle, read this! Such Important information to know before making your next car purchase. Be informed and save money $$ #finance

Save Money on Buying a Car - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Are you paying more than you have to for utilities? Don't miss these 12 super smart (and relatively painless) ways to save big on electricity, water, and more. You'll kick yourself for not trying some of these sooner!

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How to cut your grocery bill in half. These five simple strategies can save you hundreds each month on the food your family already buys. A must read!

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half - Living Well Spending Less™

It's amazing just how many ways you can use the humble egg carton! Fun tips!

When Are Things on Sale- groceries, home goods and clothing. Month by month sales so you know when to buy all your favorite products!

When Are Things on Sale? {Groceries, Clothing, Household Items}

Frugal Things I did last month to save money without much effort.

7 Frugal Things I did Last Month - Frugality Gal

7 Easy Steps To Frugal Living

7 Easy Steps To Frugal Living - Love & Strawberries

make your own cookie cutters from soda cans

diy home sweet home: Do you have a picky eater?

8 Tips for the Casual Couponer

If you struggle with money, you must read this post! It's laugh-out-loud funny, but also packed with encouragement for those people who feel like they don't have a frugal bone in their body!

Confessions of a Secret Spender

100 ways to save money in daily life from dating to exercise to homeschooling and more.

100 Ways Thrifty People Save Money - Snail Pace Transformations

HOW TO SPEND LESS MONEY - Frugal & Cheap Ideas, Spending Less, Living on Half |

How to Sell Your Stuff--great tips for selling items via Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook, or Garage Sales (and for knowing which one to use!)

How to Sell Your Stuff - Living Well Spending Less™

What a cool list!! Here are 27 things you can sign up for to get absolutely FREE on your birthday -- including free gift cards, free ice cream, free restaurant meals, and more!

The 4-11 on washing and reusing baggies. It not only saves money, but saves the environment. This lists when it's worth it, when it's not, and other interesting tips and tricks. (Zipper splitting? Fuse with an iron!....and more.) Good to know!