FREE! Mutual activity with a purpose! Love this idea for Young Women's. Make it more spiritual when you give them a theme - 50 ways to Come Closer to God and let them fill in their own ways. Provide cool pens and let them share and doodle. Then end the night by having them share one or two of their favorite ideas they will try to implement the following week and check it off as they try to work on each on throughout the year.

Writing - 50 things I love

"Come Follow Me" Notebooks for new YW/YM curriculum.

Apples 4 Bookworms: "Come Follow Me" INBs

young woman printables

young woman printables - A girl and a glue gun

Young Women Personal Progress. Neat blog

Beehive Messages: Young Women Personal Progress

Little Dove Creations: pioneer trek: metal stamped washers

Little Dove Creations: pioneer trek: metal stamped washers

Young women cupcake wars mutual activity- each team had station with pictured ingredients and were able to pick two mystery ingredients from a table of many options to make the most creative "divine nature" inspired cupcake. They were judged based on three criteria- taste, presentation, creativity. The winning cupcake had a temple on top sculpted out of banana!

LDS YOUNG WOMEN Come, Follow Me lesson helps for July Ordinances and Covenants "WHY ARE TEMPLE ORDINANCES IMPORTANT?" www.Latter-DayVil... #LDS #LDV #LDSYW #Mormon #ComeFollowMe

Young Womens in funny! We are doing some of these very same things, love it!

Young Women in Excellence

Family Proclamation Color Coded with YW values!

LDS YW Class Activities, LDS Young Women Ideas

Great Ideas for getting your personal progress planned and finished.

Personal Progress: Meet Elizabeth

How To Purify Water - Survival Water Purification | Survival Life

How To Purify Water - Survival Water Purification | Survival Life

Speed friending and clothing swap *This would be a great activity for our Stake as we invite another ward for our mutual night to get to know one another. Always get permission first from Bishop - then to Stake but this is a great getting to know you activity for wards to get to know each other.

A Bushel and a Peck of FUN: Service Scavenger Hunt Mutual Activity

15 Summer Mutual Ideas Your Youth Will Love

15 Summer Mutual Ideas Your Youth Will Love

The Jolly Rogers' Young Women Blog: CELESTIAL MARRIAGE IS WORTH THE WAIT! LDS Mutual Activity for YW. Raw vs. baked brownies. And a game!

Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion

To Do list for New Beehives, LDS Young Women.

Standing as a Witness Printable | THE MORMON HOME

Some Nights Parody (Mormon) Early Morning Seminary -- "Some nights I stay up finishing my homework Some nights, I'm just not as strong Some nights I hope that the fireside ends early Some nights I know Mutual's long But I still wake up, to feel the Holy Ghost Oh Lord, I will fight for-- what I stand for- oh woah What do I stand for? Why don't we sleep through six already? ... I can't survive, I'm at seminary before it's light And that's alright; found my scriptures in my bed tonite..."

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