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Let's take a minute to appreciate how awesome police mugshots were in the 1920s. #photography #vintage

Police mugshots in the 1920s…

So TRUE! Can I have some cold hard History please. Reminds me of MTV taking out the music part.

Queen Elizabeth

Love - The Meta Picture

Cool Picture From 1973

Cool Picture From 1973

Then and now... Saint-Lambert-sur-Dives, Normandy. August 18, 1944.

History Channel "Know Where You Stand" campaign by Seth Taras - Hindenburg at Lakehurst, New Jersey 1937 / 2004; D-Day at Normandy Beach 1944 / 2004; Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate 1989 / 2004; Hitler at the Eiffel Tower, Paris 1940 / 2004

Splendid Photographs

An East German soldier helping a boy cross the newly formed ‘Berlin Wall,’ 1961. The boy was found on the opposite side of the wall from his family. Despite given orders by the East German government to let no one pass, the soldier helped the boy through the barbwire.

Once Upon A Time In War

Well-preserved German World War II bomber found in Croatia's central Adriatic

Original WW1 Trenches Sanctuary Wood, Ypres.

Munich Germany November 9, 1938 During The Remembrance Of The Putsch

The Fotomat- the only place to take your film.


Bodies of Pompeii victims - Free Clip Art - DK Books

Paris, 20 November 1903: the ghostly form of an airship floats past an equally ghostly Eiffel Tower, before a very solid crowd of completely entranced spectators. It is Le Jaune, ‘The Yellow’, the first of the successful Lebaudy series of French semi-rigid airships.

My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning

World War II infographic

An Infographic on World War II | The Best Infographics Ever

Hitler’s pre-war cape

Sign up | Tumblr

Adolf Hitler

Third Reich Figures In Color Images - Page 6

Audie Murphy returns to Paris in 1948 to receive the French Legion of Honor, Grade of Chevalier. #WW2

Life goes on: German soldiers grave on the Havel - Berlin1946.

Newly-Found Document Holds Eyewitness Account of Jesus Performing Miracle

This is the Swedish warship Vasa, it sank in 1628 and was recovered from the ocean in 1961 almost completely intact. This is the only remaining intact ship from the 1600's. This ship is housed in The Vasa Museum in Stockholm Sweden. A museum built around the ship.

Vasa (ship) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Romanov family in 1904. 14 years later they would all be brutally murdered while prisoners of the Red Army during the Russian Revolution.

Photograph of a hooded inmate at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania which is considered the world’s first true “Penitentiary.” In order to encourage penitence – or true regret – in the hearts of criminals, inmates would spend their entire sentence in solitary confinement. On the rare occasion when an inmate left his cell, a hood was placed over his head to ensure his identity would remain anonymous. Ideally, no inmate would ever see the face of another inmate.

Mug shots: Hooded Inmate

An SS recruiting poster used in the Netherlands: “For your honor and conscience! Against Bolshevism. The Waffen-SS calls you!" #Festung_Europa

German dog hospital, 1915

Abandoned ruins of a celtic castle