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o wanted the cabinet to serve as a dark hiding space for my cats (they like to get away from the dogs every now and then). After being inspired by many of the Ikea hacks on this site, I took a trip to Ikea and found the Jonas Secretary.

IKEA Hackers - Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA

Cat patio without appearing to have gone 100% full crazy cat lady. This is my favorite so far.

The Coolest Cabitat

cover a large dog crate w/ a skirt and a finished piece of glass to make a duel-purposed table.

Table with fabric . . . Litter box cover!

Creative Litter Boxes |

DIY Litter Box cover obviously I would use a different fabric

Fun and Functional Cat Litter Box cover

Litter box cover from 2 IKEA side tables and fabric! This is a great DIY for cats, better than traditional covered boxes because it doesn't have plastic on the sides, which can trap odors and make some cats reluctant to use the box as often as they should.

Another "Pretty Kitty Potty" - IKEA Hackers

DIY Litter box cover - Incredibly easy and cheap! VERY useful if you have dogs that will not stay out of the litter box! Use a cardboard box and fabric. Cut out small holes for "doors" on the sides of the box and leave a larger opening in the backside to take out the litter box to empty it. Cover with 1.5 yards of fabric. Cost less than $7!

I wanted a hidden litter box. Used a hamper, cut the side hole for the kitties to enter/exit and cut out the inside fabric except for a small piece to cover their door. Placed litter box inside through the flip top and set some stones and a candle on top.

Chic Damask DIY Litter Box Covers | Your Natural Potential

Odor Crystals -------- Remove even the strongest odors - like magic. These odor eliminators contain no perfumes or chemical cover-ups, just all-natural volcanic zeolite ingredients in crystal form. Hang a bag in any room odors are a problem, like near a litter box, and the room will soon be odor free. Renew each bag's odor-fighting power by placing in direct sunlight every 8 months. Large rooms or stronger odors may require more than one bag. Use one bag for every two pets in household.

Cat litter box odor control that actually works! This box is attached to your existing covered litter box and sucks the odor out and through a carbon filter.

Purr-ifier Odor Control Filtration System

Thanks to pinterest our cats have an awesome new liter box with graphite duct tape! We made 2 of these, they are bigger and cheaper than the covered boxes you can buy!--MIKE!

Love: hiding the litter box behind a curtain. Ours is under the counter so should be very simple...

allons-y kimberly: Litter Box Hideaway Curtain

I always had a hard time finding a litter box that was deep enough for my cats. They kicked loads of litter out the side with traditional boxes. Then I tried a covered box and it just made them stinky when they came out. So I made my own litter box.

Homemade Deep Litter Box