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3D scanner used at crime scenes.

Genomes. Hacking the genetic code the next big threat.

Criminal Networks are a lot like Social Networks.

True Murder Mystery: .08 Blood Alcohol Level results in chaos. lost lives and over-taxed systems.

F.B.I. wants to wiretap Facebook, Gmail other socials. Which means they already have.

License plate scanner ID's crooks and tax evaders while cops cruise.

Tweets, FB Status monitored for drug deals, and suicide watch.

Hollywood hacker cracks celebrity emails and finds nude pics.

Girl with Teddy Bear searched by TSA. Tech gone wrong.

More Facebook Felons comically revealing their crimes thru online yapping.

7 suspected criminals who got themselves caught via Facebook

Alert tech product used by L.A.P.D., Chicago, others.

Mobile crime tip apps put the law in the hands of Philly citizens.