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Cute ideas for things to put in an "elderly gift basket" - also things that could be used for an activity in a nursing home or day center.

Creative "Try"als: Senior Citizen Survival Kit

Planning Active Activities & Exercises for Seniors

Senior Exercise Ideas for Activity Directors

Sometimes, all you want to do is sit by the window and watch the birds fly by!

How To Go Bird Watching «

16 Practical Activities for Alzheimer's Patients: fiddle box, deck of cards, music, rubber tipped darts, untying knots, threading yarn or string, doll therapy, display of insects, fabric box, beach ball, fish tank, matching shapes, rairing, pom-poms, golf balls, picture puzzle

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Some good tips on vacationing with elderly parents.

Gardening for Seniors - Joyous Activities for Elderly Gardeners

10 Springtime Activities for Seniors | The Intentional Caregiver

Mental activities for seniors

Mental Activities for Senior Citizens

Music, Art and Alzheimer's: Tips from the Alzheimer's Association #alzheimers #homecare #activities

Pottery, knitting, painting, scrapbooking... here are some craft ideas for the elderly and impaired.

Easy Crafts for the Elderly and Impaired To Enjoy

Writing your memoir is an excellent way to both exercise the mind and share your life's story with loved ones.