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Green Toys floating seacopter: Made of recycled plastic milk jugs.

5 fun new beach toys for kids - Cool Mom Picks

5 of the most fun new beach toys, beyond mere shovels and pails. (Not that those aren't great too.)

5 fun new beach toys for kids - Cool Mom Picks

The most awesome little DIY dollhouse kits for kids to put together and decorate

Lille Huset: The DIY dollhouse kits we wish we had as kids

Old school wooden blocks for playing alone...or with an iPad app to help preschoolers spell and match. Love!

Handmade wooden tree swing on Etsy. Some things can't be approved on.

A wooden tree swing like they used to make

Old school fun: Awesome new set of connectors called Stick-lets for kids to build forts and structures.

Stick-lets let your kids build the best forts in the neighborhood

Love these modern animal alphabet flash cards!

X is for Xantus with modern animal alphabet flash cards

Slot plush at Anthropologie. Wow.

12 favorite sloth picks to kick off Sloth Week - Cool Mom Picks

A new Kickstarter hoping to introduce to boys what American Girl did for girls.

Citiblocs building toy: Cool Lego alternative in cool colors

Best gifts for 8-year-old boys - Cool Mom Picks

Old school outdoor tree swing. How fun does that look?

Best gifts for 8-year-old boys - Cool Mom Picks

Love Kiwi Crate's new summer craft kits... that are actually designed to get kids outside.

Squash summer boredom with Kiwi Crates summer craft kits

Robot Turtles game: teaches kids programming basics and after a huge Kickstarter campaign, now for sale!

Robot Turtles, now ready to play - Cool Mom Tech

Handmade kokeshi doll by Abby Jacobs

So awesome: flash drives upcycled from vintage Superman action figures

Vintage toys get new life as cool flash drives - Cool Mom Tech

LEGO finally introduces female scientist kits. Bravo!

LEGO female scientist Minifigs are coming! -Cool Mom Tech

Hedgehog lacing cards set

Imagine I Can Hedgehog Lace & Play Kit | zulily

Pretend secret agent spy kit for kids on sale. Love that it's wood, not plastic.

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Set | zulily

Really cute new kids' coffee play set (so that maybe they can make the real stuff for Mommy soon, ha)

Coffee Set | zulily

The newest balance bike we're loving: The G-Bike+ for kids 2 and up

G-Bike balance bike for kids who can't wait for wheels

Lyka's Adventures: Mobile apps, toys, and books that work together to teach kids about STEM through play

Lyka's Adventure: The most fun way to teach kids science

Hopscotch app for iPad to teaches kids coding in the most fun way we've seen

The Hopscotch app for iPad gets kids coding -Cool Mom Tech

The SlideRider converts stairs...into a slide. Like our kids wouldn't DIE for this.

Best commencement speeches, Breast Milk: The Movie + more

Amazing: The new Osmo iPad gaming device lets kids play with real toys with their real hands, that interact with the game on screen.

The Osmo game reinvents what it means to play with an iPad