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Map: Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks | Map

Applique / fabric paint idea

Here’s a great way to introduce children to the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication or to simply give them heartwarming stories they’ll love to listen to again and again. “How Giraffes Found Their Hearts” and “How Giraffes Got Their Ears”

rainbow treasure hunt! (Previous pinner said: alternate idea from a commet: As a kid I went to a friend’s birthday party where her mom did something similar–except, each skein of yarn was wrapped around the room individually, leading to personalized gift bags. It was a giant maze that forced everyone to crawl all around, under and over each other to follow our trail. She tied the end opposite of the gift bag to a TP roll, so that we could wind up the yarn as we went. It was a blast!)

Birthday Installation: Yarn Trail

Felt fairy wands. These cleverly use a wooden chopstick instead of a dowel, and wrap the chopstick with yarn.

felt fairy wands | anna branford