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As a kid I became fascinated with the story of the Titanic after reading a book I received from my grandparents about it. Then when I was 18 I fell in love with the movie. I even had one of the most well-known fan pages on Titanic back in the day (Collide With Destiny) and still help a friend run Back to Titanic. The new release has me a bit excited to see it again on the big screen!

33 Things You Didn't Know About the Movie "Titanic". I knew all but one. Ha.

33 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "Titanic"

Rare Titanic Black Mourning Bear By Steiff. The bear was one of only 600 which were made especially for the British market in May 1912, to show empathy for the loss of the passengers of the R.M.S. Titanic. It is said their eyes were rimmed red to appear as if they had been crying. They were also manufactured with a somber expression.

A rare Steiff black teddy bear | Christie's

Baby Millvina in 1912 with her mother Georgette. Millvina was 9-weeks-old when the Titanic sank. She was the last Titanic survivor, passing away 31st May 2009 at 97.

R.M.S. TITANIC Photo: Baby Millvina with mother Georgette

Memories: More than 100 years after Titanic sank, this violin has been confirmed as the one that played as the ship went down

“She was my best friend for seven months. We’d unload the stresses of the shoot to each other, vent to each other, watch out for each other. Kate was just the perfect person to work with because she was very much one of the guys, and it would have been much harder without her. We were partners.” -Leo On the Set of Titanic

Titanic Artifact: This perfume sample leather case was recovered from our 2000 expedition. It contained 62 natural perfume oil vials (sample sizes), their labels, and outer protective metal cases. You can still smell the perfume at the exhibit.

Kate Winslet as "Rose," The Titanic Portrait Doll - The Danbury Mint

Mindy's Best Suspense Novel to Date! ~ Echoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark

1st Class Grand Staircase

1st Class Grand Staircase

Rose & Cal on deck after lunch scene by Russell Carpenter

Titanic Dinner Scene, image taken by Russell Carpenter

Cal Collection Photo 2 - Billy Zane Museum

Kate Winslet portrait as "Rose" taken by Billy Zane.

Titanic Photo 5 - Billy Zane Museum

Titanic perfume designed to match the scent of perfume that was recovered from a traveling salesman.

Sorry - Sold Out

Titanic perfume. It's kind of cool b/c it's inspired by the perfume found on the ocean floor that was on the ship but in the same respect... kind of icky?