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Baby Boy/ Motherhood Sayings

Quotes about sons, children, moms, and motherhood



  • Kathy Smith

    I love my baby boy with everything all my heart .I would die for him he is my heart

I am so proud of my son and his choice to become a missionary. Jake moved in me and his Dad years ago. This boy has grown in to a wonderful man and example of a worthy priesthood holder. He is a positive person and does not like conflict, he gets that from his Dad. There are people in his life who bash his Dad and myself. What they don't understand is the more the bash the further he will push away from you.

LOVE being their mommy ♡

Life According to Mrs Shilts

I can't be more proud of my children! They are all brilliant, hard working, happy and healthy. Although, over-protective and somewhat strict at times (not one gave a thought to running away ;), we've always had great communication and a wonderful relationship... I am truly blessed! ♥ ♥ ♥