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Hand Stamped Necklace - Sterling Silver Jewelry - Personalized Necklace - Mother and Son Jewelry - Double Disks

I love this and hope my parents and future ones will remember these.

ABC's of Good Moms

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A Mother A Friend Happy Birthday Card | Cardstore

Joe's Crab Strawberry Peach Sangria - official recipe, had this here tonight and its seriously one of the best drinks ever! yummmm

Motherhood: because having your own food, drink, shower, bed and bathroom break would be over rated.

@Outmanned Mommy takes on Thomas the Tank Engine for the Character Assassination Carousel. #humor #kiddielit

Thomas Needs A Time Out - Outmanned

If you give me a minute, I'll show you how to "shower" in a McDonald's restroom with no more than 5 baby wipes.

Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist

Pediatrician Speed Inversion: The faster you race your feverish child to the doctor's office, the lower his temp will be once the doctor sees you. #Scienceofparenthood #sickkids #parentinghumor

Pediatrician Speed Inversion - Science of Parenthood

8 Simple Things Kids Refuse to Learn. All of these are accurate

8 Simple Things Kids Refuse to Learn

See more inspirational - I mean, dumb-spirational - quotes by @HollowTreeVentures on @NickMom!

Dumb-spirational Quotes for Moms (Part 2)

Nicole Leigh Shaw still hasn't found the match for that sock with the rainbow hearts on it. . .

Nicole Leigh Shaw,, rearer of sarcastic children.

Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist: Shredded Dignity

Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist: My Memes

Mom World Problems, by Nicole Leigh Shaw for @NickMom

Mom World Problems