Symbol of Overcoming ♥

Love the idea of not putting a black outline on a tattoo. It makes it very pretty and subtle.

want this on my index finger; represents clarity of the mind and heart. Lotus flowers emerge from the lowest parts of swamps and are the only plants to fruit and flower simultaneously.

small lotus tattoo - I like without the bottom piece, so that it's even smaller for my wrist

Baby Lotus....this Is Super Cute I'm Always Afraid To Get A Tattoo Cause I Change My Mind About What I Like Too Much. But I Think I Could Live With And Love This Itty Bitty Cute Foot One! ;)

crown tattoo :: love how delicate the lines are.. . . Would like to incorporate the girls' names into the design of the crown instead of wording underneath

My boyfriend and I got matching white ink tattoos on our ring fingers. They say “qqdmv” which stands for Que Quieres De Mi Vida (what do you want from my life) ? This is something we say to each other when we want to really understand each other. We got them on our ring fingers to essentially work as place holders for my engagement ring and our wedding rings. When our rings go on, its as if they are an answer to the question. It took us a VERY long time to find an artist willing to do ...

beautiful tattoo..."I'm the hero of this story I don't need to be saved"

I love white ink tatoos

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