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a little sea dog perhaps

reminds me of my emma

This is so endearing, so precious the look. Just want to hug both of them.

26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

How enchanting. Perfect for a little girls room.

When this puppy treated her elder with respect by offering a polite boop. | 22 Boops That Changed The World In 2013

“This here’s my new buddy. You may say ‘hello,’ but please don’t touch him. He’s sensitive.” | Champ Is The Classiest Golden Retriever On Instagram

Frosty Fun is yet another image from Jen's Flickr portfolio - isn't she a clever artist? Her pics are always bright and fun. Check out her other stuff and freebies on Pop Art Minis. #art #snowman #Christmas

Cup of snowmen

German Shorthaired Pointers

French Packets :: Les Fleurs de Florence - Simply Cotton ~ Decorative Art Classes