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Bobcat-Rocket-Stove... This little stove / heater burns so efficiently, it burns the smoke! Perfect for hunter's camp, tail gating, survival heating.

Bobcat Rocket Stove - 27 Pound Portable Rocket Stove For Sale

Kevlar Socks - Enjoy the comfort and mobility of socks while still having the durability and protection of shoes with these Kevlar socks. Perfect for outdoors adventures on jagged surfaces such as rock climbing, these Kevlar socks will protect your feet just as well as any shoe will.

I need one or two of these on my tact vest.

Prepper pod! need this for camping! i want to sleep in the tree tops.

Master Key Locksmith Auto Jigglers Door Opener. Yep. For car locks!

Master Key Locksmith Auto Jigglers Door Opener

Tactical Gear :: Patrol XF Roll Up Stretcher - CONTERRA TECHNICAL SYSTEMS, Unique EMS and Rescue Gear

Unique EMS and Rescue Gear | Conterra Inc

He'd likely have a black one of these stashed wherever, or something similar. Multi-Purpose 1 day pack ( FirstSpear is a brand created by former U.S. servicemen, they develop enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions for the US Special Forces )

Seal a Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds.

ToughBuilt Compact Bolt Cutter — 24in

Product: ToughBuilt Compact Bolt Cutter — 24in.L, Model# F240

FlameStower converts heat from any fire into usable electricity. The lightest, most compact solution to keep your electronics charged. Anytime. Anywhere.

FlameStower Portable Camping USB Campfire Charger

DO NOT PAY FOR INTERNET OR PHONES AGAIN!! Off the Grid!... Satellite attachment for computer enables you to have internet ANYHWHERE! Explorer 300 BGAN polar regions or anywhere.

BGAN Terminal Photo Gallery

I must remember to shop at this site when preparing homemade gifts! CHEAP craft supplies and containers and gifts from candles to bird cages! $1.29