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Crafts & DIY Projects

Easy and fun crafts and DIY projects to try!

These six simple done-in-a-day projects will let your frayed, stained, and damaged-beyond-repair coverlets rise and shine well beyond the basement.

Find out how you can make this rustic lamp in just a few easy steps

This portable crafts organizer starts with an inexpensive tote bag, or a square of fabric-covered cardboard.

By adding casters and a bottom shelf area, this salvaged door was turned into an amazing living room accessory.

How to make a coffee table from four modular crates

After putting together this easier-than-it-looks DIY coffee table with untreated Douglas Fir wood, use wood stain to add color to your creation, then distress the edges with a sander to give it a rustic feel.

Give a vintage suitcase new life as a table by simply drilling holes into the bottom surface and attaching legs. (Bonus: The suitcase opens up to reveal a hidden storage space!)

This blogger transformed an old chicken coop into a beautiful, beach-themed coffee table by adding casters to create movable legs and a Plexiglas tabletop.

Displaying plants on your coffee table is an obvious idea, but what about planting them inside your coffee table?

Find out how you can turn secondhand items discovered at yard sales and thrift stores into a stylish and functional focal point for your living room.

Rest assured: This easy DIY takes less than 20 minutes. Measure the shade's length when straight, and cut two pieces of trim accordingly. Starting 2 inches in from the edges, adhere trim with a hot-glue gun.

Easy DIY Leaf Stenciled Canvas Set. Canvas + Leaf Stencil + Acrylic Paint = Fall Decor

Organize with baskets customized with initials with this easy DIY project, instructions and materials just a click away.

Burlap Pillow Cover add a unique texture to your home decor with this DIY pillow. Get instructions and products on link.