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We're not saying you can't keep them. But watch pets and kids closely — they might get sick (or worse) from eating these leaves and flowers.

8 Deadly Plants You Might Have at Home

It's easy to make your garden into a more inviting place for birds and butterflies to gather.

6 Ways to Attract Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden

Bring the outdoors into your home, and you'll be instantly happier!

Make Your Home a Happier Place to Live

Adding a water feature to your patio is easier than you think!

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

Circular or winding patio shapes are inherently attractive, so you won’t have to add much in the way of furniture or decor.

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

Lush greenery is one of the easiest ways to spruce up the area surrounding your porch or patio. The best options for achieving this secret garden effect are full-bodied plants such as roses, daylilies, hydrangeas, hebe, clematis, fleabane, rose campion, and hardy geraniums.

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

Climbing vines are a great way to add even more shade to your trellis or pergola.

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

There is just something so fresh and summery about crisp white wicker!

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

Go dramatic and colorful with your exterior paint choice to really spruce up your back deck or patio. The infusion of color will instantly transform your outdoor space—and you'll stay under budget.

9 Budget-Friendly Porch and Patio Updates

Next time you want to toss a tin can in the recycling bin, think again! Instead, save a few and turn them into adorable lanterns, perfect for lining a sidewalk or bordering a garden.

11 DIY Lanterns That Will Light Up Your Summer

This playhouse is too cute for words

Kofi annan… | Skreytumhú

Check out these photos of some of the most gorgeous green pool designs around.

18 Breathtaking Natural Pools

The labor-intensive process of training fruit trees into an espaliered pattern can take five or more years. “We wanted instant gratification,” admits Michigan vintners David Maki. He shelled out for this 10-year-old espaliered Kieffer pear. “It produces such a huge harvest that we’re able to give pears as gifts.”

10 Secrets to the Perfect Garden

Roses and clematis climb a pergola under which peonies, lilies, and yellow foxtail lilies bloom.

A Garden in Puget Sound

This home's broken hot tub became a pond.

A Garden in Puget Sound

The most handsome garden trowels we've ever seen.

17 Stunning Garden Accessories

Lay claim to your flower bed.

17 Stunning Garden Accessories

How great are these garden signs?

17 Stunning Garden Accessories

How could this planter not make you feel happy?

17 Stunning Garden Accessories