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college grad photos

But at the bridge, with all senior grads, each girl has a sign with her degree

Complete Nurse Card Pack

Complete Nurse Card Pack |

I love this!! This is what I want for when I get into med school, but with MD instead of RN on the badge, and a white labcoat instead of purple scrubs. Or dark blue scrubs for my potential pediatric surgeon status

Super Cute Nurse Cakes from Pinterest

Seriously, this is going to be me in a couple of weeks! lol

Helpful tools to survive nursing school...I wish I would of found this before I took my last nursing test!!

Nursing school survival rules!!! haha this could also apply to working as a cna. Just saying. (=

nursing school test taking strategy.. what is the question really asking?

Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics @Kristina maybe this will be helpful?

Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics

Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics. Insulin, draw up the clear before the cloudy.

Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics

Heart Failure

Super awesome website for Nursing Students ♥ Lots of great tips and tricks