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Back to School #Giveaway: ASUS Transformer Book T100 & Office 365 Home from @Susan & Janice (5 Minutes For Mom)

Back to School #Giveaway: Win a Windows Laptop & Office 365 Home

Back to School #Giveaway: Star Wars Yo-Men and Kendama Pro from @Susan & Janice (5 Minutes For Mom)

Back to School Giveaway: Star Wars Yo-Men and Kendama Pro

#AD For Love Of Rice- Chicken Curry and Success® Jasmine Rice #SuccessRice @SuccessRice

For Love Of Rice - CoupleDumb

donuts-7 by kimberlywyn, via Flickr

Baked Maple Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar - Lovin' From The Oven

CoupleDumb tackles rape culture and how that affects all relationships.

The Institution Of Rape - CoupleDumb

Is the Ability to Make Meaning Correlated to Marital Satisfaction Experiment 300x165 Help With Lees Research

Help With Lee's Research - CoupleDumb

A Little About Masturbation

A Little About Masturbation - CoupleDumb

Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake Pie

Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake Pie – Food Recipes

Mother's Day after losing your Mom is difficult to say the least. Getting through all the feelings of loss and still allowing your kids to celebrate you is what this day is about. Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day And Loss - CoupleDumb

CoupleDumb has included some lovely images to remind you not to stress or ruminate. Read up. Print them. Put them up around the house.

You Are Not A Cow So Stop Worrying - CoupleDumb

CoupleDumb give some real world practices that will help you with your anxiety. Yes, keep your meds and therapist but also create the practices that will keep you mentally healthy for years to come.

Mental Health And Cows - CoupleDumb

Anxiety, Depression, And Cows

Anxiety, Depression, And Cows - CoupleDumb

You have probably been wondering, "What does CoupleDumb think of Conscious Uncoupling?" Here you go!

Why do men and women cheat? Here are some ideas of why people cheat and they have very little to do with sex.

Why Men And Women Cheat - CoupleDumb

Did you know that 20% of all divorces in the U.S. are being blamed on Facebook? Facebook has taken the place of the little black book and instant messages are the seedy motel of the internet.

Social Media hook ups are the topic of discussion this week on CoupleDumb. Want to get laid? There’s an app for that! While the technology age has brought us an access to information that this world has never known, it also is bringing us closer to a Caligula-esque Rave party that will make the 70s look like the 50s.

The Victim Triangle would not be compete without the Rescuer! So take off your cape for a bit (or forever) and read up on what rescuing really is all about. #victimtriangle

The persecutor is the so-called "bad guy". They abuse because they believe they are the one being abused. "Why do you make me do this?"

Let's talk about the Victim. Do you have a victim mentality? Would you be surprised that most people do? (Note: Please do not assume this is about people who have been hurt through violence of any kind.)

Time to get mentally healthy.Let's begin with a game everyone is playing- The Victim Triangle.

The Victim Triangle - CoupleDumb

Where did you learn about interpersonal relationships? It is time to start teaching kids about healthy relationships. Let's start with the basics- Be Considerate!

Being disrespectful of your partner is a major Relationship Felony. Want a better relationship, never speak ill to and of your partner?

CoupleDumb is back and talking about the Relationship Penal Code- behaviors that destroy and undermine relationships. Today's offering, taking your partner for granted/ignoring them.

#ZerorezSocal also gives back to the community. Check out their "Minor Miracle" program and also consider getting your carpets cleaned with no toxins or harmful chemicals. #ad