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Science Apps for for kids (good blog too)

Ziploc greenhouses ~ Love this free and simple idea!


Kindergarten science - solids to liquids. Couldnt use the candle wax but I like the choc. melting in your hand and ice

Love this diagram with a coffee filter and sunflower seeds!

It's All About Science

Primary Graffiti: It's All About Science

What Scientists Do for Kindergarten Science

Little Miss Kindergarten - Lessons from the Little Red Schoolhouse! Product update! YAHOO sunflower science added!

Simple Science - Rising Raisins. Kids will love watching the raisins rise and sink and discovering the science behind the process.

Simple Science - Rising Raisins

Science Experiments with Grover! This video is FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and SO HILARIOUS!

Digital: Divide & Conquer: Science Experiments with Grover!

Project shows how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes around the Earth.

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

Plants We Eat, Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

5 senses poster

Kindergarten Smarts: 5 senses poster

Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle so the kids can see what is happening.

Alternative Gardning: How to grow carrots in a Soda bottle

How to Make Lightning - Two simple science experiments for kids to demonstrate how to make sparks and explain how lightning occurs.

How to Make Lightning ~ Learn Play Imagine