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Wolf/German Shepherd Hybrid. Wolf dogs are bad business. You see that CHAIN that it's tied to? Wolf dogs have a habit of seeing thing in 'pack mentality'. Their owner is their 'Alpha' and anyone else tends to not be able to get close. They dig through garbage, they can attack other people, other pets, and children. Wild animals are not pets, and it protects both of us.

Omg too adorable! Keeping this in mind when Weston gets to be this big!

Bat-stache. so much win

Lilly Pulitzer Charging Kit for iPhone

Coolminer (Colman x Carpaccio), Westphalian Gelding - German Horse Center

Bull terrier...I'm pretty sure these dogs are supposed to be a "mean" breed, but ohmygoodness this little guy is too cute! Look at that little nose! Presh!

Weimaraner | "The Grey Ghost" again, I'm a fool who falls for those blue eyes. Come to think of it Brown eyes too :)

I wanted one of these dogs for a while, a miniature bull terrier.

Cool longboard (hey shay the price went down it's now only $208 cool huh!! Hahah)

Charlie Hunnam - Christian Grey Is it me or who else wants to bite him ♥