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Cambridge Pavingstones - Design Gallery

Stained Concrete Patio made to look like slate. Wow.

Stained Concrete Patio made to look like slate. Wow. - natureb4

These are so cool- often called truffula flowers inspired by Dr. Seuss- easy to grow too!

A Quick and Easy Do It Yourself Firepit Surround - Lowe's Creative Ideas

DIY Raised-bed vegetable garden | I really like the stagger-stack construction of the boxes. A very pleasing look without have do do a lot of difficult cutting. ($250 FOR JUST ONE on Amazon! Make 5 for that price.)

No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers...

Bouncing bubbles...bubbles that dont pop! Just like the Gymboree ones! Yay Ive been looking for this recipe Great Bubble DIY for Kids Make Bubbles that Will Bounce

From lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.

Continuous cilantro growing method, worth pinning even if a second time!.

Weed killer: 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt, 1/4 cup dish soap

1tsp epsom salts in 4 c warm water....spray on plant and then 10 days later it produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium... especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses

In case anyone is wondering, i've been swiping empty wine bottles from the bar i work at and that is the reason for all these wine bottle craft repins. This might be the winner! Great use for old wine bottles

Use glass bottles to create Tiki torches, wind chimes, or lined garden pathways.