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You Know You Grew Up On Disney Movies If...

You Know You Grew Up On Disney Movies If...

Whattttt I LOVED the Jack Frost movie

Om....whomever wrote this needs to go back to 1989 and get his/her-self a childhood! TLM was released in '89! #Checkyo'selfbeforeyouwreckyo'self #90sKids

If you didn’t sing this…

What's Your Disney Motto? (Young Simba: "What's a motto?" Timon: "Nothing. What's a motto with you?")

What's Your Disney Motto? - Disney Blogs

Pixar Hypothesis - I think my brain hurts...

Mind blown! It makes perfect sense Beauty and the Beast- 1991 Aladdin- 1992

From Aristocrats. The little girl cat says, "Ladies first" and her brother states, "You're not a lady, you're nothin but a sister."

Disney insults and comebacks.

Frozen - Queen Elsa - "Faith is taking the first step, even when you can't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which Disney Fairy Are You? - Tink's fairy friends...just magically appeared in stores and dvds one day, and suddenly, boom, another universe for Disney to capitalize on. So crazy.

What would had happened if the Disney villains had won. Its weird to see pictures of Belle and Gaston's boys if beast had been slayed