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Hmm.. Structural?

  • Logan Smith

    Notice the chair hanging from the high ceiling. You'd better not let anyone with any sense of fun or adventure into the house. Trouble would be had.

Ok, ok we get it. Your (probably gob-on) truss matches your ostentatious door frame. I'll Repin this because it can be a great idea to carry common geometries through the design and this sure shows it, but wow. A bit over-done, don't you think?

Hammer-Beam Truss. The whole place together might be a little over the top, but that's some intriguing timber design.

Dark wood. Alternating repetition. Pendant lights are strong centers.

Under Pohutukawa House by Herbst Architects. The thin diagonal members provide support and bracing on all axes, as well as further diminishing the indoor/outdoor separation.

  • Logan Smith

    I also like how so many surfaces are wood, but they all have such distinct, texture, color, purpose, etc.

Radial truss by Triton Timberworks.

Church by Triton Timber works. Slight curve makes the truss much more graceful.

Fresh Air Fund by Vermont Timber Works.

Timber Ski Lodge by Vermont Timber Works. Black steel is nicely imposing.

Kingsmead primary school, UK, by White Design. The Glulams continue into and through the building, contributing to space-making.

VELUX Headquarters in UK by White Design. Not your grandmother's exposed wood. The building was designed to show off VELUX windows, but the beautifully sculptural glu-lams are the real star of the show. You should follow the link to check out the whole project. It is really stunning.

white design :: All Projects

By SB Architects. The warmth of the dark wood enhance this room tremendously and add as sense of occasion to the minimalist ceiling light fixtures. Watch the how the rhythm of the rafters interacts with the tension ties.

By David Vandervort Architects. I love that the simple horizontal tension tie is eroded away in favor of steel rod. The wrongness of it catches your eye and draws you into the beautiful vaulted space. Too many stunning ceilings are too often ignored.

By Vanni Archive. Difficult to make a wood truss in a symmetrical gable roof look modern. I think they did a decent job with it.

By Holly Mathis Interiors. I like the treatment of the corner. But since it's on an interiors site, I wonder if it's actually structural or just a gob-on.

Thorncrown Chapel. Structure defines sacred uninhabitable space above the congregation. Notice where the members cross, there is a hidden custom steel connection that leaves a void where members would overlap.

Day 26: Almost Through Arkansas

Arched wood truss with steel tie cable.

Wood truss with custom steel gusset plate connection.

Timber Trusses | Beautiful Wood Ceiling Beams | Heavy Timber
  • Ian Korn

    Chris told us we couldn't use this as a precedent because the tension rod was horizontal. Unfair, I say. Un. Fair.

  • Logan Smith

    Maybe we can just split it into two and bring it up a bit? Or that vertical strut could stab down into the room and push the tension rod out of line. Make it a real compression strut.

Arched wood truss with steel tension tie.

Wood truss mitered connection detail.