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"Mystic eye" paper dress Harry Gordon 1968 In March 1966, Scott Paper Company (now Kimberly-Clark) introduced a disposable paper dress called the "Paper Caper" as a promotional tool. Available via mail-order for 1 and a quarter dollars. The sleeveless, A-line mini dress was available in two patterns: red bandana print or black and white Op-Art print. see ad here: blog.fidmmuseum.o...

FIDM Museum Blog: September 2009

On the September 15, 2005 edition of The New York Times, Fred Tomaselli alters the disturbing front page image of bomb victims in Baghdad, drawing over the photograph with a colorful flower pattern. The swirling vines, reminiscent of traditional Islamic arabesques, distract from the horror of the subject, a suicide bombing that killed nearly 150 people in Iraq.

"Igloo" by Colombian artist Miler Lagos is a 9-foot domed sculpture composed of layers of books. The outer white shell consists of the books’ paper pages, while the inside reveals colorful bindings from a selection of foreign language dictionaries, medical reference series, geographical studies, and psychology volumes, all laid like bricks in a cylindrical shape.